Cargo Bay Cooling

We carry out repairs to all types of cooling systems according to our customers’ demands. Considering our customers’ interests to be our main priority we endeavour to satisfy all demands.

One of the key issues concerning transportation is delivering goods to their destination in perfect condition. As it is well known that there are products which require cooling, cold storage and they can only be transported by refrigerated and insulated vehicles.

Our company offers help to make a van with basic equipment suitable for cargo bay cooling and transporting goods requiring cold storage. Further information on our vehicle insulation technology is available in section ‘Insulation’. We deal with several types of equipment suitable for the purpose of cargo bay cooling and it is possible to install new and used cooling systems. As an independent service company we distribute cooling equipment of numerous producers such as, a Thermo King, Carrier, Zanotti and Eurofrigo. Special solutions are also possible including vehicle remodelling according to demands which could require the assembly of structures, insulation and providing cargo bay cooling. (see ‘Transformations’)

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