Due to the specific nature of domestic freight shipping, the additional insulation of small commercial vehicles (vans) is important. Insulated vehicles are suitable for keeping the temperature provided by the cargo bay cooling equipment and the appropriate insulation is also significant for hygienic reasons (HACCP).

The insulation technology developed and applied by our company is unique in the entire country because we do not use prefinished plastic panels but we apply the glass fibre enhanced plastic coating on the finished frame inside the vehicle. The finished surface is continuous we do not apply pointing or gap sealing anywhere making it perfectly watertight. There is no water leakage and stagnation underneath the insulation. The resulting surface is permanently suitable for all kinds of wear and tear. The insulated surface can be cleaned using all types of cleaning procedures. We have had OÉTI (National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science) inspect the technology and they granted us permission to start standardized production.

The insulation procedure might take some days in order to achieve high quality and permanence; however, the refrigeration equipment can be installed at the same time thus making the two procedures together take less time. We use the same glass fibre technology during the transformation of vehicles to have an aesthetic, high-standard and easily cleanable surface.

There is a further possibility for applying a heat stop PVC strip curtain with the advantages of:

  • increasing cooling efficiency

  • providing insulation even in case of an open door

  • protection against insects

  • energy saving

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