Medicine transportation

Maintaining the suitable temperature in the cargo bay of a medicine transporting vehicle is an important issue. Depending on the type of medicine this temperature is 2oC or 15oC.

The constant temperature is maintained by the cooling-heating system installed in the vehicle’s cargo bay.

It is also necessary to install a parking mode heating system so that the medicine shipment does not freeze in the parked vehicle in wintertime.

The temperature of the cargo bay can be constantly checked and documented with the help of a data recording device (printable on site).

A cost-effective solution for maintaining a lower temperature (2oC) can be a mobile cooling box (12 V, 24 V, 220 V). Cooling boxes between the capacities of 30 to 800 litres are available.

When transforming the vehicle, we take the quality requirements of pharmaceutical companies into consideration.

Mobile refeer containers

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