You bring your vehicle, your concepts and ideas and we implement them. We transform your vehicle according to your ideas.

During the course of our work we often meet customers who need more than merely refrigeration equipment but because of their activity we are required to carry out some transformation or other on their vehicle. We have created cargo bays suitable for transporting young poultry, divided cargo bay where it is possible to set two different temperatures and transport more kinds of goods but we also transformed a vehicle to make it suitable for a hearse. We usually use glass fibre technology to transform the vehicle and we can insulate the cargo bay and transform it into a refrigerated vehicle at the same time as well. New and second-hand refrigeration equipment, about which there is further information in section ‘cargo bay cooling’, is available to our customers.

The transformation might seem drastic and awful (for example we often have to cut the top of the car) but the result is always precise and accurate fully meeting user requirements and the surface makes regulations concerning hygiene easier to comply with. Feel free to contact us if you require divided space for maintaining different temperatures, door transformation , moving shops and any transformation you need and we do our best to creatively fulfil your requirements.

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