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How to choose a refrigerated vehicle?

What is white, cold and rolling? The answer could be a snowball but we are thinking of refrigerated vehicles.

Have you also thought of refrigerated vehicles but you merely have enough information to find the answer to a riddle?

By answering the following questions, you have a better chance of choosing the suitable refrigerated vehicle.

If transporting your goods at the right temperature to their destination is important to you, you should take the following aspects into careful consideration.

  • What kind of products, goods do you transport?

Every product requires different temperature. (E.g. Food products requiring cooling should be transported at 0- +5 oC whereas food products requiring cold storage should be transported at or below -18 oC. There are other products requiring storage at a specific temperature: confectionery, flowers, medicine, etc.)

  • Do you transport other products or food not requiring cooling apart from food requiring cooling or cold storage?

Food requiring refrigeration should be kept separate from other food products and materials.

  • Is it necessary to create several separate spaces with different temperatures?

If both refrigerated and frozen goods are transported, it is necessary to have two or more spaces with different temperatures.

  • What is your transport profile?

Unlike short term solutions, long term solutions require cooling systems with different capacity. Vehicles transporting to retail outlet, between two points or groupage shipment all require different temperatures.

  • How large should the cargo bay be to transport refrigerated goods?

The cooling system should be selected according to the size of the cargo bay. The size of a van is smaller than a truck or a lorry therefore they require cooling systems of different capacity.

  • Is it necessary to have both cooling and heating systems in the cargo bay?

In case of transporting live animals, products requiring temperatures above zero (medicine, vegetables, and flowers).

  • Is it necessary to remodel commercial vehicles?

It is necessary to remodel the door in case of a travelling shop. In case of products requiring different temperatures it’s necessary to create separate spaces. Hearses require a unique cargo hold.

  • Is it necessary to have an AC power option?

It is necessary if the cooling system needs to be operated even when the engine is switched off.

  • Do you need a data recording device for keeping a record of the required temperature data during transportation?

The refrigerated vehicle must be provided with a thermometer because the temperature must be checked regularly.

Now you are closer to putting your ideas into actions and we help you implement them in our garage. We work exclusively with modern and reliable equipment. We offer comprehensive services to satisfy your needs and make you recommend us to your acquaintances.

What to pay attention to when choosing a garage?

  • When selecting a garage make sure you choose one offering comprehensive services.

  • When asking for a quote make sure the refrigeration equipment in question is suitable for your purposes. Refrigeration equipment at a lower price might not have the same capacity as a more expensive one. Inadequate equipment cannot provide the required temperature of transported goods.    

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