Hideget - meleget

take/give the heat

keep/make it cool

take/give the heat

Fólia és klíma Kft.

Cargo refrigeration, van conversion, insulation

cooler truck, live animal transporter, food truck

Welcome to our site!

Our Pécs (HU) based company specialises in the extensive conversion of commercial use vans. We make heavy duty, professional tools: deep freezing vans, truck bodies, live animal transporters, perishable goods carriers, to name a few. We offer installation and maintenance of cooling and heating systems, building truck bodies and various thermal insulations, electric systems, lashing and storage solutions. We can assist you through the entire process, from the idea to the final product and even further. We help you plan the vehicle you need and ensure you’ll be happy using it by proper care and maintenance. We can assist with administration and cross border transportation as well.
You can find many useful information on this site regarding our work. Our english speaking colleague stands ready to answer all your further questions.

László Szobonyai – „The Moustache Man”

Professional heating and cooling systems to control cargo temperature.

Insulation, electric systems, storage solutions.

From chassis to work-ready vehicle! Insulated and dry aluminium boxes.

Fólia és Klíma Kft.

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