Van conversion

If your business needs a special vehicle to carry goods, whether these goods are alive or… dead, we stand ready to create that vehicle.

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Thermal insulation

To regulate the cargo temperature efficiently, insulating the cargo area is necessary. A proper insulation is capable to mantain a desired temperature as low as -20°C. Our insulations are covered with durable, washable fiberglass resin. The floor is coated with heavy duty synthetic resin that is designed for everyday use.


Cargo fastening

For safe carry we offer a wide range of lashing tracks, rails, eyelets, hooks. We also build custom shelf systems.

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Food truck, mobile shop

We plan and build food trucks and mobile shops including water and electric systems, counters, storages, complete workstations.

Live animal (chickling) transporter

A small animal transporter has an insulated cargo area that’s surfacee is washable, disinfectable. Stable temperature is achieved by a heating-cooling system all year round. Fresh air can enter the cargo area via sealable inlets. High performance fans provide air ventilation. Maximum cargo capacity can be achieved with a removable aluminum or steel grid shelf system that allows safe stacking and sufficient air circulation between individual carriage units.

Medicine transporter

Solutions for carrying sensitive chemicals like medicines. Such transporter vehicle has a thermal regulation system with both heating and cooling abilities, its cargo area is insulated and has washable wall covers. Precise temperature management and documentation is achieved via an on-board controller and data logger unit.

Mortuary transport vehicle

The deceased are transported in a refrigerated vehicle on stainless steel shelves. The cargo area is washable, disinfectable. Rubber rollers help reduce noise while moving coffins out of and into the vehicle. An individual compartment can be created for equipment.


For smaller items we offer various coolboxes. These are mobile units ranging in size from 20l to 900l. They are capable of mantaining precise temperatures, some variants offer both heating and cooling functions. They require 12, 24, 110 or 220 volts to operate (depending on variant).