Box trucks

Box trucks - chassis cab vehicles with custom box-shaped cargo areas - are popular for good reasons. It can have substantially bigger useful volume than vans and it is customizable down to the smallest details. If you want to make use of the vehicle category’s limits, we recommend choosing this type. We offer “dry boxes”, made of aluminum, for general goods like beverages or conserved food, and insulated, refrigerated ones that can be capable of deep freezing for perishable foodstuffs, frozen goods, etc.

The box can be sized precisely. The completed vehicle is equipped with all the necessary accessories (break lights, turn signals, etc.) and any further desired equipment, like the heating and cooling systems, shelves, lashing tracks, air ventilation solutions and so on.



Regular Chassis

The regular chassis cab vehicle is a self-supporting structure that requires no further reinforcements. The superstructure is mounted above the wheels so the floor level is higher, but completely level from wall to wall (no wheel arches). Tail lifts can be mounted on this type.


The platform cab contains basically the cab and th powertrain. To make it roadworthy during box construction the platform is reinforced with an additional subframe. This type allows for a somewhat lower base weight and a lower floor level. The completed box is equipped with wheel arches.

The box


Insulated box

The insulated box is made of layered panels, and covered with glass fibre reinforced plastic sheets. The edges are reinforced with stainless steel and aluminium. It’s floor is coated with a heavy duty, wear-proof synthetic resin coating. Airtight, insulated doors can be installed on both sides and rear.


Aluminium box

The aluminium box is suitable for transporting general goods that do not require controlled temperatures. The light but tough aluminium panel walls are reinforced with horizontal box section beams. To protect the walls and the cargo, the inner surfaces can be covered with plywood, fiberboard or glass fibre reinforced plastic.